Agricultural Applications

Our goal is to provide our dedicated farmers with an eco-friendly way to grow and protect their crops by replacing environmentally unsafe, man-made chemicals that are causing damage to the environment with our “green” products.

Citrus Disease Eradication

Our Rhamnolipid application can eradicate a wide range of major citrus diseases that are destroying the citrus industry in the United States such as Citrus Canker, Citrus Greening, and Citrus Black Spot.


Our Rhamnolipids will replace detergents in pesticides as a "green" alternative. As a component of the pesticide, the rhamnolipids will control pathogenic spores.

Foliar Sprays

Foliar sprays are used to apply nutrients to plant leaves, to improve the appearance of the plant, and to minimize transpiration of water in drought and dry climates.


All fertilizers need to be in a solution in order to be absorbed by the plant. Rhamnolipids, as a surfactant will help emulsify the fertilizer and transport it to the plant. There is evidence that indicates that rhamnolipids will help the adsorption of nutrients through the cell walls.

Micro Nutrient Applications

Some micronutrients such as iron are not normally dissolvable in water. Iron is a critical nutrient for plants forming chlorophyll. Rhamnolipids may form a chelating agent for the delivery of iron and other micronutrients to the plant.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Preservative

Rhamnolipids sprayed on fruits and vegetables will inhibit spoilage through the killing of damaging spores. The rhamnolipids will also help in the spreading of vegetable waxes used to reduce the loss of water during fruit and vegetable storage. Since rhamnolipids are approved as a food ingredient, rhamnolipids can be safely used on plants and fresh fruits and vegetables. Since rhamnolipids are natural and organic, their use will still allow the produce to be marked as “Organically grown and processed.”

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