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Rhamnolipids have several applications in agriculture and since they are a natural, “green”, organic product they meet the standards for natural organic foods and plant products. Rhamnolipids can take over many of the uses of artificial and toxic petrochemicals in agriculture, food processing, and food storage. The rhamnolipids will function as emulsifiers, surfactants, citrus disease prevention and treatments, wetting agents, and anti-spore agents in a number of agricultural applications.

As a biosurfactant, rhamnolipids will emulsify the ingredients to help with uniform distribution, preserve shelf life, act as a wetting agent to ensure complete and even coating of the target surface, act as a foaming agent to control drifting of the sprays during application, transport nutrients to the roots, help with absorption of foliage sprays and/or help with cleaning surfaces.

Rhamnolipids are also known for treating a wide range of plant diseases. Rhamnolipids kill zoospores that cause certain fungal diseases by exploding the zoospores upon contact. Rhamnolipid can be used to treat and deter the growth of fungus on the foliage, fruit, and roots of various agricultural commodities and horticultural crops. Rhamnolipids also remedy the citrus diseases that are devastating the citrus industry in America. Diseases such as Citrus Greening, Citrus Canker, and Citrus Blackspot are destroying our citrus farmers’ crops and soon we will lose the industry completely, as the fruit is inedible.

By replacing the toxic chemicals we use in the environment we are not only are protecting the environment’s health, but ours as well. This applies especially with crops we consume and use in everyday products.

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